Barcode solutions for Hospital Industry



In America, there will be a wrong use of medicine in every five sets of medicine taken by patient in the hospital. As a hospital, it hopes to establish an automatic support system through the preparation and use of prescription drugs to reduce such kinds of accidents. The barcode scanning system would be the best system for improving the security and accuracy of all operations. An effective system would require all prescription drugs to be labeled with independent barcode label, and just about a half of medicine delivered to the hospital is marked with the barcode of end user.

The hospital implements a system that uses barcode scanning to trace and record medicine. All conditions, from medicine processing in dispensary to medicine taking, are recorded. The barcode is also used in patient’s wristlet, employee’s ID badge, prescription drugs order, and testing sample, with the purpose of achieving auto tracing and accurate information record. We use all kinds of labels in dispensary and laboratory for the convenience of classified management.




1) Doctor enters the medicine information in a computer system, which records the order time and the time of dispensary receiving and examining order. The chemist checks the order on the computer, and prints out a copy of barcode prescription to prepare medicine and implement the order accordingly. Before placing an order, barcodes on medicine and order are scanned to make sure the medicine is consistent with that on order.  

2) When order and medicine have been delivered from dispensary for acceptance, barcode is scanned to update the record system automatically. The doctors, nurses, and chemists can check the order state from computers throughout the hospital. Wireless LAN is covered all over the hospital that information can be updated and obtained at any time. When receiving medicine, an acceptance can be recorded by scanning the medicine barcode. When drawing medicine from dispensary, it should be scanned again. The barcode of employee’s ID badge should be scanned at each time of medicine transfer to create the safekeeping chain record automatically. 

3) When using medicine, the nurse will scan the barcode on patient’s wristlet, and the barcode label on medicine, medicine bottle, or precision transfusion set respectively. The computer will then verify the correctness of medicine to make sure that proper medicine is applied to right patient at the right time.


 Features and Advantages  

1) Barcode system is used in prescription input, prescription implement, and medicine preparation to prevent errors. Barcode data input and computerized control provide the latest accurate records, and thus improving the medicine tracing and stock management of hospital.

2) Since barcode system is carried out, the errors of dispensary have been greatly reduced. For example, the surplus problem in implementing the prescription has been ended. However, the most outstanding feature of the system is the capacity to reduce the error use of medicine. By using the barcode, the error use of medicine is expected to reduce by 60% to 80%.

3) From now on, 2-D symbol technology provides us more opportunities to achieve innovation. One of the potential applications is to encode the infusion pump with the patient’s ID and weight, as well as the medicine concentration. Two-dimensional barcode must be used in case of such detailed data. Featured with the application of barcode technology, it realizes the automation of warehouse data collection.


1) Reduce human errors, and increase the accuracy of results.

2) The flexibility of operation is increased. The handheld terminal adopts the both-way communication using wireless LAN WIFI and background server to make operation more flexible.

3) Decrease the workload and increase the work efficiency and inspection quality. Collect the barcode data, then carry out general operations, such as medicine classification, data transmission, result auditing, and report inquiring, according to the barcode. The use of barcode technology in pharmaceutical management effectively increases the work efficiency, the reliability of result, and the degree of automation. It is the development direction of the hospital.

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