Library barcode solutions

Library barcode solutions



No matter the size of your library, bar code solutions help track books, magazines, and various media to speed up the check-in/out process. Improve service, increase efficiencies and operate your library smoothly by adhering labels that remain readable by scanners through countless check-in/check-out cycles and help manage inventory and theft with security and time saving printing solutions. We provide you with automation solutions with a variety of tools: bar code printers, bar code scanners, receipt printers, labels, ID cards, cash drawers and RFID capabilities.


Products for Libraries

Card Printers
Card printer solutions from Imprint provides businesses improved security and quality, with lower costs and better customer service. With the broad range of full color or monochrome printers and features such as magnetic stripe and smart card encoding, or Ethernet connectivity, Imprint has options for whatever the business need.

Card Printer Supplies
Supplies for your card printers play key roles in affecting print quality, reliability, consistency, performance, and overall maintenance costs. To maximize results from your Zebra card printers, choose genuine Zebra supplies from Imprint, designed specifically for Zebra card printers. From standard supplies to customized products with security features, Imprint has the product solution for all your business needs.

Mobile Printers
Whether you need bar code labels, receipts, tickets, or tags, mobile solutions from Imprint increase employee productivity and accuracy by allowing on-site and on-demand printing. Improve efficiencies in the warehouse, shipping and receiving, merchandising, payment processing and in the field by utilizing Imprint”s broad range of mobile printers.

Printer Supplies
Let Imprint Enterprises provide a solution for virtually any application with the largest selection of pre-tested, high-quality labels, receipt paper, tags, wristbands, and ribbons.

RFID Printers
Imprint offers a wide range of radio frequency identification printer and encoder platforms, meant to address the many different business needs. Imprint”s RFID solutions bring value in a number of applications from retail apparel tracking, inventory management, package tracking, access control, and others - resulting in total visibility, maximized security and reduced costs.

RFID Printer Supplies
RFID Printer/Encoders are compatible with a broad range of RFID SmartLabels to meet the needs of most RFID applications and environments. We work closely with companies that provide RFID inlays to ensure compatibility with our RFID Printer/Encoders.



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